Pinchin Ltd.
What We Do
Pinchin Ltd. is one of Canada’s largest environmental, engineering, building science, and health & safety consulting firms. Pinchin employs over 900 employees in 42 offices across the country. Established in 1981 by Dr. Don Pinchin to provide consulting services to the asbestos abatement industry, the company now provides services in:

Building Science & Sustainability,
Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation,
Emissions Reduction & Compliance,
Environmental Science,
Geo-technical Engineering,
Indoor Environmental Quality,
Hazardous Building Materials (Asbestos, Lead, Radon),
Environmental Laboratory Services (Asbestos, Mould, Odour, Legionella),
Mechanical Engineering & Design,
Occupational Health & Safety,
Training seminars & courses in all aspects of these fields.

Pinchin can help you balance your business goals with an understanding of both natural and built environments, whether that means investigating what could be under the soil at a potential building site, or what’s inside the walls of your office complex. It's about understanding what these risks could mean to your bottom line. It’s ensuring the people in your organization work in a safe, healthy space, and that you are compliant with increasingly complex environmental, health and safety standards and laws.
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Building Supply, Environmental Services
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Occupational Health & Safety
Occupational Health & Safety 70
Hazardous Building Materials
Hazardous Building Materials 69
Indoor Environmental Quality
Indoor Environmental Quality 68
Building Science & Sustainability
Building Science & Sustainability 67
Offices & Services
Offices & Services 66