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SUTERA In-Ground has become a leader and the brand of innovation specializing in deep-well systems within the waste industry. We are focused on solving present and future environmental-waste management concerns through a comprehensive suite of ‘ground-breaking’ in-ground and semi in-ground containers that are safe, secure, sanitary and sustainable. Rooted with the experience and knowledge that “success always demands a greater effort,” SUTERA In-Ground continues to invest in the development and pioneering of new technologies to better capture specific waste streams that aid in the beneficial reuse of materials and the proper disposal of waste. In-ground containment is the temporary storage of non-hazardous waste beneath the earth’s surface. A monolithic pre-cast concrete well is installed partially or completely below grade and lined with a heavy-duty reusable containment bag where refuse is accumulated and emptied through Vertical Lift Collection. Aside from working with the private industry, SUTERA also commonly partners with municipalities, ministries and other government bodies supporting their environmental objectives and mandates. SUTERA’s expertise and innovations have demonstrated quantifiable and tangible results. SUTERA strives to educate clients that thinking “green” can embody both the environment as well as their bottom line – we create a triple bottom line, proving the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. SUTERA’s eco-friendly systems generate a return on investment (ROI), both in hard and soft costs savings. Doing the right thing for the environment does not have to come at the expense of profitability. Like an iceberg, much of what makes SUTERA special is found beneath the waterline, or rather, In-Ground.
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Cooking Oil Containment 77
Cooking Oil Containment
Parks & Recreation Waste Containment 76
Parks & Recreation Waste Containment
Semi In-Ground Steel Lid Containment 75
Semi In-Ground Steel Lid Containment
Fully In-Ground Units 74
Fully In-Ground Units
Dog Waste Containment 73
Dog Waste Containment